Tile & Grout Cleaning Service

 Grout quickly fades as time passes, simply by absorbing spills, mildew, and a constant barrage of dirt and moisture. Tile also often suffers from a "dulling" or "dingy" effect after prolonged use. We can help restore your tile work to its original glory by deep-cleaning the dirt and dust out of all the tile's crevices and pores. Our equipment is specially designed to effectively remove virtually all of the built-up grime from your tile work. Contact us to restore beauty and sheen to your tile. 

Watch how we get your Tile & grout cleaned

After we have Pre-Treated and Scrubbed your Tile & Grout We use our power Cleaning System to Rinse and Extract the dirt away!

Frequently Asked Questions For Tile & Grout Cleaning


What is the cleaning process of Tile & Grout?

We apply a special Tile & Grout cleaner to the surface. we will than run a brush machine over the Tile & Grout to loosen the dirt from the surface. Once that is done we hook up our powerful truck mounted extractor and using a self contained tool we use hot water and pressure to clean and rinse the Tile & Grout leaving them nice and clean. 

How often should you clean you Tile & Grout?

We recommend cleaning of the Tile & Grout  every 2-3 years.

How much does it cost to clean Tile & Grout?

Cost to clean Tile & Grout ranges from .32 cents to .55 cents a square foot. Prices are based on total square footage and condition.

Do you charge more to move furniture?

Yes we do if you are not able to have the furniture removed from the area that is being cleaned.

What should i do before the cleaning service?

Make sure the floor has been swept and free of debris. Remove small knick knacks, photos, lamps etc from tables. If able remove furniture from areas that is being cleaned.

​How long does it take to dry?

Tile will be dry 10 min after the service is completed. Grout can take up to 48 hours to be completely dry, as it drys grout lines will lighten.

Do you seal the grout?

Yes we can seal the Grout it is a additional charge.

Do You Service Saint Cloud?

Yes Will Do Tile & Grout Cleaning In Saint Cloud

Do You Service Lake Nona?

Yes Will Do Tile & Grout Cleaning In Lake Nona